The Instillo Group has a long standing experience with the MicroJet Reactor (MJR) technology. Dr. Bernd Penth first invented the MicroJet Reactor to overcome the drawbacks of existing concepts. He subsequently filed the first patent in 2000. Since its inception, the MJR technology received numerous awards, production was scaled up to industrial scales of technical nanoparticles, and several lighthouse projects were completed with industrial partners.
In light of these achievements, founders of MJR PharmJet early recognized a much bigger potential of the MJR technology for applications in the pharmaceutical market. MJR Pharmjet GmbH was founded with the task of developing and exploiting the MJR technology for pharmaceutical applications.
It was evident from the beginning that the interest in the MJR technology could be dramatically enhanced by complementing the already existing technical know-how with a clinical drug development expertise, i.e. the entire value chain could be offered to customers. Therefore, a clinical CRO with more than 30 years experience and a well established network within the pharmaceutical industry was identified and, subsequently, leon nanodrugs GmbH was founded in 2010-2011. Leon nanodrugs’ major responsibility lies in pharmaceutical project management beginning with identifying potential partners, acquisition of drug development projects and, finally, conduct of clinical trials and drug approval. For MJR Pharmjet, Leon Nanodrugs acts as the „face to the customer“.
Above and beyond applications in the pharmaceutical sector, the MJR technology can also be taken advantage of in non-pharmaceutical applications. Therefore, the NanoSaar AG was founded in 2013 with the goal to advance the MJR technology into emerging markets and to develop and commercialize it for non-pharmaceuticals. 
Due to the diversification into separate business units made possible by the broadly applicable MJR technology, it became necessary to reorganize the entire corporate structure: the Instillo Group was formed in 2013.
Upon the establishment of the Instillo GmbH, last member of the group MyBiotech GmbH has joined to the expertise network. MyBiotech is merged with MJR PharmJet and took over the development, technology transfer and GMP production of pharmaceuticals. Moreover MyBiotech has a Biotechnology department working on strain optimization, fermentation and down processing. . 
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